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I find it deeply rewarding to create images that bring value to people in their personal lives and businesses. To see someone succeed or feel special, confident and beautiful in their own unique way is the fuel behind my photography. I started out as a portrait photographer working solely with families and children. Eventually, I fell in love with commercial work as well. 

There are so many reasons why I love photography. My interest began as a teenager when I started to notice the lighting and compositions in movies. I was so obsessed with "light" that I once considered going to film school to study cinematography. Over time, what began as a love for the art form grew into a full fledge passion for making people feel good through my photographs. It happened over twenty years ago, after my neice was born. I was still a graphic designer at the time when my sister asked me to take photos of her daughter, Alison.  After seeing how much the photos meant to my sister and how much I loved doing the shoot, there was no turning back. My heart was lost to photography forever

I grew up in Massachusetts in a house filled with art, music, books and a menagerie of pets - dogs, cats, and bunnies. I am one of five siblings, and I think being the youngest of my family is one of the reasons why I like helping people feel special. I love food and while in art school I had a lot of part time jobs, including a stint as a sous chef. I have a 14 year old pomeranian named Ozzie who features in too many FB posts. Travel, flea markets, and nature are my hobbies.

Stephanie graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She also attended the New England School of Photography, the New England Institute for Professional Photographers and the Maine Media Workshops and College. She is a member of The Professional Photographers of America, The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International - Ipswich.



 Member, Professional Photographers of America