Before & After

If you think your headshot is not a big deal, think again.  

This is Tom, a physical trainer. My initial impression from his before photo (above, left) was that Tom worked behind a desk all day. His expression is a bit subdued, his Oxford shirt did not reflect fitness and his skin appears pale, not healthy (sorry Tom!). His business portrait should exude health and vitality, and be an example to his prospective clients. When I met Tom in person for the first time, I was shocked. I had no idea he was so handsome and fit. He looked like he walked out of a surfer shop in Australia, ready to jump on his board. For his photo shoot with me, I asked Tom to wear an athletic shirt that was body conscious. I made sure he posed to show off his physique and encouraged him to share more of his wonderful personality. Doing the shoot at his gym not only adds more visual interest to the background, it also tells more of Tom's story, adding authenticity to his brand.

Small Tweaks Matter

Small tweaks matter. Of course she is beautiful in both portraits. But, she has those very rare and special eyes where you can see part of her eyelids when her eyes are open, this gives them a stunning shape and structure. I had to have one shot that made them the star. I felt that her gorgeous blonde hair needed to be featured as well but should frame her face more. So, I took her hair down and moved it away from the front of her shoulders to her back. She wore the perfect color sweater that looked soft and feminine, so it was nice to see more of it after we moved her hair back. I loved her full smile, but again, I wanted one shot to be all about those huge blue eyes. With a smaller, closed-lip smile her eyes capture our attention. I also placed her in a softer light with a soft fill reflector to eliminate a lot of the shadows you see in the first shot.