Contact for Architectural Projects

My photography project fees and expenses are based on the scope and complexity of the assignment and your intended use. In order to create your estimate I need you to consider the following information:

Assignment description:
Scope of project - think of the number of final views you will need of each room.
What is your intended use? my user license is usually granted to one client for their specific use only. However, multi-party use licenses are possible.  What is the final product that you will need? digital files or prints?

One project with multi parties: many tradespeople on one project have the option to share the cost of the on-site shooting fee. However, each party is responsible for purchasing their own licensing per image. 

Thank you for contacting Stephanie Rosseel Photography + StephEd

Thank you for reaching out! I look forward to learning more about your photography goals for your project(s). 

Please allow 24 hours for me to contact to you. If for some reason, you don't hear from me within 24 hrs, please feel free to call me at 508-735-6421 or email me:

Warm regards, Stephanie